Season Ticket Upgrade

Your Upgrade Opportunity Is Coming Soon!

Watch your email for a notification in the next few days that will include your scheduled day and time to take advantage of the UPDGRADE YOUR SEATS opportunity.

For access to the best available seating options, complete your UPGRADE online as soon as possible before your UPGRADE YOUR SEATS opportunity ends.

In preparation, please take a moment to log in to your My Account to confirm your account information is up to date and that your password is current.


Helpful Tips

  • **New** UPGRADE MY SEATS is now available via desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • In preparation, log in to your My Account TODAY to confirm your our account information is up to date and that your password is current.
  • On the Seat Map, use the + and  keys in the lower corners to zoom in and out to reveal what seats are available.
  • The online UPGRADE system does not allow you to remove Season Ticket packages, if you wish to remove seats from your Season Ticket package, please email us at


  • UPGRADE to a different seating section
  • UPGRADE within your current seating section
  • ADD a seat
  • Change the day of week/time you attend

PLEASE NOTE: Your ticket delivery method will be the same as what you chose during your renewal process.

UPGRADE MY SEATS only applies to your Season Ticket Package, not any Extra Season Events or Swaps. You will still have an opportunity to exchange tickets or purchase additional tickets during Season Ticket Courtesy Days scheduled for later this summer.

Step by Step How to Upgrade


Log in to your account.
When you are logged in to your account, a window will pop up with an UPGRADE Now button. Click on that to start the UPGRADE process. The countdown timer is how long until the end of your UPGRADE period.


Choose which seat(s) you would like to UPGRADE. Once you have selected the seat(s) you wish to UPGRADE, click “Next”.


Choose the performance you would like to UPGRADE your Season Ticket Package into. Then click “Next”


Choose the new section and seats you would like to UPGRADE into. Use the + and  buttons at the bottom right of the Map screen to zoom in to see what seats are available.

Then, choose seat(s) from the Blue Bubbles on the map.  Once selected, click on the Cart in the upper right and click Continue.


Review your seat locations in the Shopping Cart, then click “Checkout”


Your delivery method will be what you selected during your renewal process. Select either your existing Payment Plan or pay your total balance in full.  Enter your Method of Payment and click Checkout.

Can I upgrade my tickets by phone?

Our Season Ticket Offices are closed, with some team members working remotely. At this time, the only way to take advantage of the UPGRADE MY SEATS opportunity is by online only. If you have questions, please email

If I UPGRADE MY SEATS to a higher priced seating section, can I apply the cost difference to my existing payment plan?

Yes, your payment plan option will automatically update in your cart with a portion due at time of checkout. The remainder will be applied to an existing payment plan. Please note: this applies to the existing payment plan program only. If you are not on an existing payment plan, you will need to pay the difference in-full at the time of UPGRADE.

Can I change my season tickets to another day of the week?

Yes, At the beginning of the process you will be given the chance to choose a day of the week.

Can I add seats during UPGRADES?

Yes, when in the interactive seat map, click on the + (plus sign) at the top of the screen to increase the number of season ticket packages. If you want to purchase additional seats to a particular event (i.e. Hamilton), that period will happen in late July.

Can I drop a seat(s) during this process?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to reduce your seats in this process. Please email us at  In the subject line, please include your account number and that you want to drop a seat. You will be refunded back to your original method of payment

What if missed my UPGRADE period?

Your UPGRADE period is limited and time sensitive. If your time expires, you will no longer be able to access the system.